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Next Generation Exoskeleton Technology

The Next Step is Independence

Advances in assistive technology reflect the resilience and perseverance of both the users and the developers. We celebrate those achievements and dedicate our work to expanding the limits of what is possible. If independent mobility is the goal, and we believe it is, next generation robotic exoskeletons must be self-balancing, without need of crutches or an attendant. 


Wheelchair Users Globally 


New Spinal Cord Injuries Each Year


Wheelchair users report upper limb pain


hospitalized due to secondary complications

Wheelchair Users Imagine Life With an Autonomous Exoskeleton 

Amanda Peterson photo

Prospective Exo User

“To relieve pressure on my rear end legs and back from
sitting all day. To regain eye to eye contact with my peers”

Our Endeavour to Make Those Dreams a Reality


An exo that enables the user to stand tall and proud, with no upper limb pain and hands free to hold a drink...or another's hand.

Natural Motion

The distinct human gait that provides optimum comfort, safety, and efficacy for rehab applications as well as home use.

Sleek Design

Power without bulk equals easier access. So critical is this feature that we have a fashion designer on the team to make it so.

360° Mobility

Life takes you in many directions; so should your exo. Stepping off a curb, going around corners, uphill or down, your will is its command.


Every member of our team is valued for their vital role in bringing our technology to life. A passion for robotics, the drive to continually improve, and dedication to the cause are what move us forward. Opportunities to join the team are posted below and on our LinkedIn page. Please revisit our website and/or follow us on LinkedIn for new job postings.

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    Embedded Software Engineer

      Simon Fraser University, Surrey Campus
      Temporary Contract
      3+ years experience

    About the Role

    As an embedded software engineer, you will be participating in the design and implementation of the exoskeleton’s embedded computer firmware and software, in collaboration with other members of the “Software and Systems” team. You are also responsible for debugging and supporting the existing hardware/software interfaces for testing the exoskeleton. This position requires a highly motivated individual who enjoys learning while contributing to achieve technical milestones in our team. 

    Required Skills & Qualifications

    - BSc or MSc/MEng degree in Electrical, Computer engineering or similar fields- +3 years of industrial experience- Proficient with C/C++ development for embedded devices and Linux environment with more than 3 years of experience- Experience in systems with pre-emptive, multitasking real-time operating systems such as FreeRTOS, uC/OS or similar operating systems- Proven experience in hardware debugging of electronics boards- Comfortable in developing both bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware- Proven experience with STM32 ARM Cortex-M- Proven experience in hands-on development & troubleshooting of real-time memory-constrained targets- Proven experience with different types of sensors such as IMU, ToF and ultrasonic- Experienced working with communication protocols like Ethernet, USB, SPI, I2C, CAN- A self-starter and team player with excellent verbal and writing communication skills.- Ability to work both collaboratively and independently to deliver quality code on time

    Preferred & Plus Skills

    - Previous experience with IEC 62304 & developing software for medical devices- Industrial experience with PREEMPT_RT kernel, QNX or VxWorks- Experience with Python- Knowledge of socket programming- Experience working with ROS (Robotic Operating System)- Experience with real robots or medical devices 

Exoskeleton development is a highly specialized field and as such we accept applications of interest at any time from colleagues who believe they have the education, skills, and experience to make a meaningful and valuable contribution to our team.

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