Human in Motion Robotics Announces Closing of Oversubscribed $2.7M Financing

Human in Motion Robotics Announces Closing of Oversubscribed $2.7M Financing

Vancouver, B.C., March 26, 2020- Human in Motion Robotics (HMR) announces that its

C$2.25M financing has now closed and has been oversubscribed for a total amount of

C$2.729M. Funds raised will be allocated to advancing the Company’s exoskeleton technology

towards commercialization.

The first tranche of the financing closed on November 15, 2019 in the amount of $1.828M with

the second tranche of the financing now closed in the amount of $0.901M for total proceeds of

$2.729M. The additional funds available through the oversubscription were accepted by HMR to

accelerate the company’s clinical, regulatory, and partnership objectives.

Developed for people living with a wide range of mobility challenges, particularly those with little

to no lower limb function, HMR’s patented exoskeleton technology enables users to stand and

walk without need of crutches or an attendant. Millions of wheelchair users will have the

freedom of choice to go about a number of their daily activities in a standing position and walk

with a natural gait, mitigating the health consequences of being permanently confined to a

seated position.

At this time, HMR’s technology and device are in development and not available on the market

in any country. The Company will be providing regular progress updates over the coming